There are many ways you can help us


Design, Developpement

PHP (WordPress)
Javascript (Jquery)
Html5 and CSS3

Leadership Experience

We are looking for managers, directors and entrepreneurs that will be willing to share with us their experiences on success and failures

Spread the word

Talk to friends and colleagues about our website, show them how they could use it and benefit from it

Create tools

If you have ideas and ways to solve problems, don’t keep them for yourself, share them with the world. We need people that work from their hearts, we need passion

Research & Development

Help us connecting the dots, our work is the result of lots of hours of research, we read, we try and we test. You could help us move faster


If you use our toolbox, and you find it useful for yourself, remember we have spent hours and hours creating it, helping us finance this project will only make it better



If you want to help please send us an email Email


Create & translate

Help us create and translate the following tools

Tree Decision making
Industry Radar
Ocean Blue
Pitch elevator
Values selector
SMART objectives
Market Target
Probability/Impact diagram
Action Plan
Value Proposition