You don't need to be an expert to create a successful company

A simple and effective set of business tools to help you innovate and create a business strategy.

Innovation toolbox

Tools are ordered according to categories and phases


A general classification of tools for your business needs:
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Risk Management
  • IT
  • and more...


Submerge in a particular mindset to help you be more effective. We give you the freedom to organize your business project the way it fits your particular needs

6 basic phases


Think and reconsider which decision to make and which path to take


When you don't know. You need to listen, observe and learn


A simple, useful and attractive solution takes time and needs thinking


Think outside the box, come up with crazy ideas, and let your imagination go wild


Test your prototypes, assess teams and evaluate your performance


Communication is the first step to deploy your ideas with others

How to use our toolbox
Each tool is divided in 12 sections, each section will give you an advice on the tool and how to get better

1) Tips & Tricks

As the title suggests, tips and tricks gives you advice that will help you accomplish the task faster and better

Tips & Tricks

  • Try to be objective
  • Order criteria on a scale from 1 to 10
  • Two criteria cannot have the same weight
  • Get the coefficients based on the decision makers opinions

60  Minutes

2) Time

This is an average time for using the tool. Keep in mind that you need at least this amount of time to complete this task. The longer a task takes you the less efficient you are.

3) Participants

Two brains are better than one, but too many brains are worst than one. We advice people to complete tasks with a certain amount of people, otherwise you will be less efficient. If you are too many divide the people in different groups

1-2   Participants



4) Tags

Tags are keywords related to this tool, it helps you make connections between different things, it is connecting the dots

5) Attitudes

Having the right attitude at the right place at the right time will increase your chances of success when you work. It brings you luck. Try to get into the right mood



Used by

Decision makers

6) Used by

This a list of professions that use this tool often in their environment. Our tools work because they have been used by many people for decades. You might not be aware of this because it is not in your field of expertise

7) Quotes

As many say, leaders are always readers. A good way motivate people and to inspire action is by using quotes. We added some quotes related to your task, they will help you to ignite the energy you need to succeed

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped"

Anthony Robbins


How can I make a logical decision?
Is this a good idea?
What is the best option?
Which decision to make?

8) Questions

A list of questions that are related to this tool, maybe the tool helps you to answer these questions or maybe these questions could inspire you to find a solution never thought before

9) Versions

Just as cars and cellphones evolve, our tools evolve too. Innovation is in our DNA, we believe in self-improvement. We adapt to new changes and we take new opportunities


Version 1.0 : 12/03/2012
Version 1.1 : 14/06/2013
Version 1.2 : 02/07/2014

10) Brain dominance

The Brain dominance section helps you and your colleagues set the right energy to work together. Having the right attitude and mindset will increase your performance while working

11) Sources

Sources and references from where these tools come from, its author(s), book(s), website(s) and more. We don't take credit for anything, without their work this project would have never existed. We encourage you to buy and read their books and articles because it will help you as much it did to us


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    Josh Linkner, « Disciplined dreaming», United States, Jossy Bass, 2011
  • GameStorming
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  • Designing For The Multifaceted User
    Stephanie Troeth, «Designing For The Multifaceted User», Smashing Magazine, 2013 (accessed on 08/14/2013)


Video camera

12) Resources

Did you bring the charger?... This is a list of things to remind you what you need to start working and to accomplish your task, even little things can make you waste your valuable time

The innovation challenge

Go through the phases 1 to 6 to innovate

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step